Big Planes Of Yesteryear

About Us

Big Planes of Yesteryear was founded by Antonio Fairfield in 2002.

Our Story

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Our company making a Duk29 before it can fly.

If it were not for our Antonio Fairfield's love of planes, this company would not exist. It was his idea to put this company into action.

Back in 2002, Antonio made his first model plane our of wood. He then realized that he loved aviation. He began bringing model planes to school and showing them off. Because of this he was able to make many friends into aviation just as much as him. At age 23, he got all of his friends together and built a plane. It ran so perfectly they all knew they had to make a company that specialized in aviation.

Our Company

Our company has been around for a while, but we are constantly growing. Also are main point is to rent planes, here is a list of all of our services.

  • An easy to use user submit forum to contact us
  • The ability to rent planes for a small fee
  • Rentable pilots for private jet charters
  • A frequently updated gallery
  • A monthy updated blog